About Us

  • A-B Custom Engraving Services is a manufacturing facility, with gun safes, advanced video Surveillance and security systems to safeguard your NFA weapons (Many engravers operate from home, be careful where you are shipping your NFA guns)
  • Our team consists of experienced machinist and operators using top of the line machines and inspection equipment to ensure compliance with ATF guidelines.
  • We have an FFL w/ SOT, which means we can take and process fully assembled NFA firearms and suppressors.
  • Personal and detailed attention to all customers, walks in are welcome during business hours.
  • In house artwork and design services for custom graphics and personalization.
  • Our services range from BATFE required short-barreled rifle markings, manufacturer markings, custom logos and other customization of your firearm.
  • Fiber laser can hit the .003 depth on metal and our CO2 laser can hit the depth on polymer frames. We have engraved everything from Nylon to Titanium.
  • We engrave all NFA Text (name or trust, city, and state) to ATF specifications (1/16" high, with a minimum depth of 0.003"). The depth requirement (.003”) is most important because that is the hardest aspect to obtain for an engraving shop. Most retail trophy and engraving shops do not have the capability to engrave to that depth without damaging the surface material. We have the laser technology to reach and verify all depth requirements prescribed by the ATF.
  • We are a full service custom shop with many capabilities. We can engrave logos, images, designs, and other text on firearms while we have them. We also offer competitive cerakoting & other firearm finishes that can be done before or after engraving depending on how you want the final product to look. A common option is to color fill the engraving to make it blend in with the factory finish.