Custom Engraving, Graphics, and Personalization

Custom Engraving

We are a full service custom shop with many capabilities. We can engrave logos, images, designs, and other text on firearms while we have them. Take a look at some of our work!

Deep Laser Engraving

Deep Laser Engraving is a process by which a beam of focused light interacts with the surface material to vaporize or remove multiple layers of the surface material leaving a deep cavity on the surface that is visible and noticeable when touched. The amount of material removed and the depth of the cavity can be controlled by the technician to produce quality engravings on most any material type.

We can reproduce your corporate logo, official seal, military insignia, or commemorative theme. Please keep in mind that what you’ll find online is only a small portion of our available services. If you need someone to develop a custom logo for you we can do that as well.


Engraving a HANGUN is a very personal decision, and can turn your average run of the mill pistol into something you will treasure forever. Whether you are commemorating service, paying tribute to a loved one, or just adding personal flare, we are here to help. Logos, text, dates, and more can easily be added to your handgun with a variety of styles and engraving options. 

A popular choice is military service emblems and police badges. There are several customization options that can make your RIFLE stand out from the crowd also. Logos, graphics, text, and more are easily placed on the large flat sides of the AR receivers, and many easily changed parts are also available for customization should you ever want to change configuration or looks.

Send in your own parts for customization or purchase new parts from us, either way you are sure to have a custom AR in no time. Since we use a laser engraving machine a cleaner engraving is done and can be paint filled for a more "factory" looking finished engraving. Our design team can help you create an exceptional one of a kind piece that will be passed on for generations.